We were born in Agia Anna of Evia and grew up with the flavors and recipes of the Greek Traditional Cuisine.

The difficult circumstances of our younger years forced us to emigrate and specifically to North America.

All these years we have gone through many restaurants as professionals and have cooked many dishes from different countries and cuisines but our heart always was with the cuisine of our country, the Greek one.
Our great dream was to return to our homeland and make our own restaurant where we could make and create dishes of genuine Greek materials cooked with love in the most traditional way. And finally we did it ...

We built our traditional tavern in Agia Anna, The Mermaid (pronounced Gorgona), a place that stands out for its warmth, hospitality and great food.
Whenever you come you will enjoy genuine food, traditional recipes accompanied with homemade good wine.
So come on ... let's rake our glasses, drinking our local wine and forget all our worries through the thousands of forgotten tastes of our country.

"Your food is your medicine
and your medicine is your food.
~ Hippocrates, 460-360 BC Greek Doctor "

"Eat, to live and dont live to eat.
~ Socrates, 469-399 BC, Greek philosopher "