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About Us

"Gorgona" is a Traditional Tavern located in Agia Anna Beach of Evia and was established in 1987.

"Gorgona", which stand for Mermaid in the Greek language symbolizes the word Regret!

So, do not regret not visiting us, as Gorgona stands out for its warmth, hospitality and amazing traditional food. 

We are available daily, aspiring to offer a unique dining experience which focuses on quality and uniqueness demonstrating the lifestyle of the Greeks.



The House & it's History

Παραδοσιακή Οικογενειακή Ταβέρνα ή Γοργόνα


We the owners, were born and raised in Agia Anna Evia growing with the flavors and scents of the Evian Traditional Cuisine. 

The difficult economic circumstances of our country, lead us to migrating to Canada during our younger years.

​For almost 25 years we worked as professionals with many foreign cuisines and next to professional chefs.

Our hearts though, belonged here..

To the cuisine of our country, of our island, the Greek one!

Our dream was to return back one day and create our own restaurant, with genuine Greek recipes, using only local traditional ingredients.

​And we did it!! We created Gorgona Tavern in 1987.  

​Upon your visit you will enjoy genuine Greek food and traditional local recipes always accompanied by a glass of homemade wine.

So come on .. Join us... Raise your glasses and forget all worries through the thousands of tastes of our country.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is inspired from the gastronomic treasure of our country.


Solely aiming to experience the living and reviving of the unique Greek traditional flavors, we use only the best and finest ingredients in our recipes.

Our commitment to our country's values ​​will be better understood if you are lucky to find yourself seated in one of our tables and experience the authenticity of our recipes.

And we are talking about the Greek Traditional Cuisine, where the Greeks show their real character!!!

That's where they will tell you their story, show their affection to their homeland.

That's where they will speak with pride about their products: their wine, their oil, their cheeses, even their vegetables and herbs.

This is how we live here everyday, enjoying every aspect of life accompanied by a delicious meal.

Joining us, you will be always offered with a fine glass of local wine, a trademark, that accompanies us in sorrows and joys, in celebrations and social events, in greetings and farewells


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