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Location / Map

Gorgona is situated in the North Eastern part of Euboea (Evia) Island, 150 km from Athens and 320 km from Thessaloniki.


To reach us from Athens: After reaching the Capital of Euboea Chalkis from Athens, you must follow the road signs leading to North Euboea. The main highway from Chalkis passes the mountain of Agios leading to the town of Prokopi (St John the Russian). You continue further on north until you reach the cross connection in Strofilia town, where left signs lead you to the town of Limni while continuing ahead will lead you to Agia Anna. Following the highway and approximately at the 69 ° km from Chalkis a right hand side detour will lead you to Agia Anna Beach.


To reach Us from Thessaloniki: Following the main highway to Athens-Lamia you will meet the port of Glyfa in Fthiotida (60 km before Lamia). Regular ferry services & facilities from Glyfa transfer you, to Agiokampo Euboea where from you follow the road signs through the city of Istiea to Agia Anna beach.


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